ICF Blocks

Amvic is the most user-friendly insulated concrete form (also known as insulating concrete form) product on the market due to its innovative design which increases speed of construction, reduces labor costs and provides the highest level of performance during and after installation.

Image of ICF blocksICF block image

The powerful combination of the patented, reversible FormLock™ interlock, EPS composition, innovative web design and web spacing results in:

  • Less taping, tying or gluing during installation.
  • Less than 1% waste vs. up to 6% for most competitors.
  • Ability to withstand internal vibration, ensuring a structurally superior wall.
  • Fully reversible blocks.

In addition, Amvic is the strongest ICF block form on the market as proven by the 

Canadian Construction Material Center (CCMC) Forming Capacity Strength Test (Technical Guide 03131) at 865 lbs./ft2.

Building with Amvic ICF wall systems in conjunction with our own rigid foam insulation product SilveRboard, and our ICF flooring solution Amdeck, Amvic really delivers a complete solution for today’s energy conscious builder.




The Amvic Insulated Panel for Radiant Heating has been specifically designed to provide the most cost effective installation and performance characteristics for Hydronic Radiant floor heating systems.

Picture of PEX flooring

The manufacturing process starts with the most technically advanced automated EPS moulding equipment in North America. The combination of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation one of the highest performing energy efficient insulation material available today, moulded to the High impact polystyrene film. This combination makes for a strong resilient interlocking PEX panel.


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced environmental impact through efficient heating
  • Promotes healthier environment, including reducing allergens
  • More comfortable feeling home
  • Cleaner homes less dust.
  • Can be used efficiently in outdoor areas


  • Efficient alternative heating in new construction and renovations.
  • Warming tile floors in bathrooms.
  • Outdoor use to warm patios.
  • Snow and ice melt applications for driveways & walkways.

The panel nubs form a “mushroom” shape to lock the PEX piping firmly in place. The PEX piping is easily inserted into the panel simply by walking on the tube. Once inserted the pipe will be properly positioned and seated into the panel. The innovative patented panel design ensures that the tube will be completely encased in concrete and not pushed to the bottom of the panel as some competitive product do. This will allow for the proper heat distribution of the radiant tubing and more efficient energy transfer.