In-House Finiancing

We now offer our customers In-House finiancing which includes many diffrent programs. This allows you to take loans out for a kitchen remodel or a new bathroom etc. Without having to go through a bank. If you would like to fincance a loan through us, Print out an application from clicking the button at the bottom of this page and fill it out. If you unsure about AMOUNT REQUESTED or other parts of the application, leave it blank untill you bring it to our shop or give us a call.


  • Max loan withdraw: $30,000
  • Max loan time: 10 years
  • Same As Cash program - No intrest 60 days
  • Installment term Loan time: Min = 12 months, Max = 120 months

What is In-House Financing

Its a type of seller financing in which a company or broker will help a customer obtain a loan at their place of business to purchase any product or services. When using in-house lending one does not have to rely on a bank, 3rd party company, or business to complete the transaction.

Click Here For An Application

(Once downloaded, open the .jpg file and print it)